How to jazz up any meal

How to jazz up any meal Now I’m no James Martin but I can find my way around a kitchen. Most of what I know has been acquired from my parents and grandparents

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Life after uni

Life after uni So it’s been a while! I also haven’t written in so long that I feel like I’ve almost forgotten how to write.

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Budgeting We all know that loans, grants and bursaries are amazing as soon as they arrive in your bank account but this can be a bad

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Options after your degree

Options after your degree… It’s been a while! I have been so busy recently, writing my dissertation and revising for exams that I had to take

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Study Tips

Study Tips Studying for exams is never easy. I have gone through GCSEs, A-Levels and University and I can tell you that it hasn’t got

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Hi, I’m Hannah!

Welcome to the blog that will inform you of things you need to know that no one ever tells you! I hope this platform is a place where you will find helpful advice, tips and tricks for all aspects of growing up. Take if from someone who has followed the norm but it hasn’t always gone my way, there are always other options.

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Everything happens for a reason, so don’t be down if something turns out not quite what you expected. Just pick yourself up, learn from your mistake and move on to bigger and better things!

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