Hello everyone!

I’ve been staring at this blank page for a good few days now thinking “how the hell do I actually start this thing”. I literally have no idea what I’m doing but then I think every blogger is in the same position to start with.

Firstly, welcome to my blog. I’m Hannah, a 19-year-old student from a place in South Wales called Pontyclun (for non-Welsh people, it’s easier to say that it’s in-between Cardiff and Swansea). I am currently studying Business Management at Reading University, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I have just finished my first year and it’s safe to say that it has been one of the best years of my life. From the boozy nights out, to late nights finishing projects in the library and to meeting new friends – it’s been an unforgettable year.

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I created a blog about two years ago however, I failed to write posts on a regular basis, as I was not completely committed at the time. On the contrary, I have recently realised that blogging could potentially be a really interesting hobby and believe that a post a week will allow me to create an interesting portfolio. My posts will be based on music, travel, university life, advice for students, food and anything interesting that I have endured during the week.

I have limited experience with blogging, so any criticism and advice would very much be appreciated to better my blog.

So as you don’t really know much about me, I thought that I would tell you some facts about me.

1. My full name is Hannah Nicole Porch. I hate my name with a passion. It’s so boring and I can never understand people who don’t know how to spell it (it’s the same backwards…). My dad liked the name Nicole because it reminded him of a Renault television advertisement he saw when I was born, which is really stupid looking back at it.

2. I’m born on 5th January 1997, which is a right pain when your birthday is straight after Christmas.

3. I’m Welsh (cue the sheep shagger jokes). I love everything Welsh and am really proud of my upbringing in such a glorious country.

4. As previously stated, I’m at Reading University studying Business Management. It’s a four-year course with a placement year in industry. I really cannot wait to experience everything that this year has to offer.

5. I hope to work for a digital marketing company in Australia, during my placement year.

6. I have a huge passion for Eurovision and figure skating. I have always loved Eurovision because of how cheesy and tacky it is. All of my friends cringe at the fact that I watch the whole of the event, including the semi-finals. In terms of figure skating, I can ice skate but I much prefer to watch competitions – for instance, the European Championships.

7. I’m quite short. Last time I measured myself I was 5’2, which is quite annoying because when I wear heels I’m what you would call ‘normal height’.

8. I am highly interested in art. I was very much considering a degree in Fine Art, however, I decided that Business Management was more suited to the career path I wanted to pursue. My favourite artists include Laly Mille and Mike Savlen.

9. I am fortunate enough to have been on five cruises (six this summer) and have managed to explore some amazing places such as Monte Carlo, Rome, Florence, Istanbul, Santorini, Athens, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, Ephesus and Valletta, just to name a few. My dad doesn’t like to fly so I haven’t been outside of Europe. I am hoping to take a gap year after my degree and I wish to explore the likes of Australia and America.

1000112_662352853793545_742472727_n10. I have a small, close family and they mean the world to me. As cheesy at it sounds, I miss them every day when I’m at University. Nothing quite beats a cwtch with my mum on the sofa.

11. My friendship group consists of 13 girls, all formed from smaller groups of friends. It is quite difficult to meet up with my friends from home during term time because most of my friends are at University or are travelling.

12. Something random. I have incredibly wide thumbs and during year nine of secondary school, I acquired the nickname, CT (chubby thumbs).

13. My family and I have a static caravan and a boat in a place called Lawrenny, near Tenby. We spend most weekends doing activities like waterskiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, fishing and visiting seaside resorts like Tenby, Saundersfoot and Saint David’s. My parents bought me a dinghy with a 15 horsepower engine when I was seven, in the hope that I would learn to drive it. At the time, I wasn’t old enough to understand the value of the present however, it has been one of the best presents that I have had to date.

14. I enjoy watching food programs such as Masterchef, Great British Bakeoff, Cake Boss and Great British Menu. I have a wide knowledge of food purely from the programmes, eating out in nice restaurants and my mum (as she is a great cook). My favourite chef is James Martin.10614248_901396166555878_123029808618420780_n

15. I enjoy a wide range of music, however, Electronic, Dance, House and Trance are my favourite genres. I decided this year that I needed to go to a festival to tick it off my bucket list. I decided that Creamfields in Cheshire was the best festival for me, based on the genre of music. I bought this ticket based on my passion, Martin Garrix. ‘Virus’ was one of the first songs that attracted me to electronic music and it would make my life complete to see him play this song live. I also really enjoy Latin music (I mean who cannot love a bit of Enrique Iglesias?).

Hopefully, the 15 facts above give you a better understanding of my life.