What I am going to discuss might sound like a pep talk that your parents would give but believe me, this is the one piece of advice that you should definitely take from my blog.

I recently found out that I passed first year with an overall grade of a 2:1, however, I failed one module. As devastating as this was, I needed to pick myself up and resit the one module to progress to second year. After going on a pre-booked holiday, the only thing on my mind was to revise in the library, on the cruise ship I was on. I revised for at least one hour every day, whether that be reading over my notes or completing a quiz. I thought I did as much as I could have done in preparation for the exam.

I arrived home after spending two weeks in pure luxury, to then dashing to Reading to resit the exam I failed. I had never been so nervous in all my life. I finished the exam thinking, this could go either way, nevertheless, I was feeling positive about it.

September 8th came. I found out that I had failed the resit by 1%. As anyone in my situation would have been like, I phoned examinations to see if they had the right student and the right results. Me? Fail first year? Surely not. After talking to examinations for a good half an hour, they concluded that I did, in fact, fail by 1%. Then it got worse. I phoned the Business School to see if anything could be done about the situation but the only option available to me was to change course completely or transfer to a different university. As you can imagine, this was a complete shock. I had no idea what course I would want or even be able to do. I considered the different routes I could go down but I realised that my main ambition in life was to gain a Business Management degree. I concluded that I didn’t want to take a year out or go down a different route.

Not only had I wasted the time and effort studying for my degree but I had wasted a year’s worth of money and funding. Admittedly the situation is my fault however, I do not understand how I was not able to even try year one again.

I could go on with a huge rant but I’ve decided that the past is the past and I need to pick myself up from this awful situation and look at the different possibilities and options available to me. I have now applied for transfers to universities around the area that I live in. Of course, this is not what I had envisioned, but if you want something so desperate in life then you’ve got to do it! The lesson that I learnt in first year is that whatever anyone tells you, FIRST YEAR DOES COUNT, so ensure that you study and complete work to a high standard, to meet the universities conditions. I would especially look at the progression requirements of your university. Some have proven to be more strict than others and I feel like you should be 100% sure on the conditions to progress into the following year well before you sit your exams.