This would have been so useful during Freshers week because playing the same games can get boring after a while. I will list various drinking games with the basic rules, that will hopefully make your pre’s more exciting. Just remember not to get too drunk during pre’s, as you will not last the whole night.

1: THE CLASSIC – Ring of Fire

The first time you play this game, you will probably think that it’s the best game going. However, it can get a little boring after a while because you can overplay it, but it is still one of those games where you probably just end up downing your drink. To set up: Place a cup in the middle of the table with a full deck of cards fanned around the cup. Everyone takes their turn to select a card which will have a rule attached to it. For example:

A – Waterfall: Everyone drinks until the person who picked the card stops.

2 – Choose: You choose someone to drink.

3 – Me: You must drink.

4 – Whore: All the girls involved in the game drink.

5 – Thumb Master: Put your thumb on the table and everyone must follow. The last person to put their thumb on the table takes a drink.

6 – Dicks: All the guys drink.

7 – Heaven: Point to the roof/sky and the last person to follow drinks.

8 – Mate: Pick someone to drink with you. Every time you drink, your mate has to drink with you.

9 – Rhyme: Pick a work and everyone takes it in turn to rhyme with that word (TIP: pick an easy word, such as dog so that the round lasts longer). Remember – Sporangia rhymes with Orange. This will come in handy.

10 – Categories: Choose a subject, such as Fruit and everyone playing would have to take turns naming different fruit. Whoever can’t think of a fruit or messes up drinks.

Jack – Make a rule: Make a rule for the game that everyone has to follow. These can include not saying anyone names and no eye contact etc. Be creative!

Queen – Question Master: The person who picked this card has to ask the person next to them a question, then that person has to ask the person next to them a question. The idea is to go around the circle, asking questions however the questions asked should try and put the person off. These can be intimate or embarrassing questions that you already know the answer.

King – Pour/Down: If you pick up a king, you must pour some of your drink into the cup, in the middle of the table. Whoever gets the last king has to down the dirty drink. The game ends when the last king has been picked.


2: THE ICEBREAKER – Never have I ever…

This game is ideal if you want to find out more about your flatmates. The players take it in turn, asking obscure things that they want to know about the players by asking it in the form “Never have I ever..”. If anyone in the group has done the act asked, then they drink.


3: THE HARD TO REMEMBER ONE – International Drinking Rules 

During pre-drinks, it is sometimes fun to set rules that cannot be broken but will. Some of these rules can include:

No swearing. Every time someone swears, you drink.

No names or nicknames. You cannot call anyone by their name. If you do, drink.

No pointing. This rule applies to any body part.

A glass can never be empty. You must refill it before it is put down.

A glass must be held with the person’s left hand only.

All glasses must be at least one finger’s distance from the edge of the table.

The words “drink”, “card” and “table” are banned


4: THE CONSTANT DRINKING ONE – Roxanne by The Police 

This is one of those games that you play to down your drink before you go out clubbing. You split the players into two teams, “Roxanne” and “Put on the red light”. Play the song and every time the team’s word gets sung, you drink. This song repeats the two phrases quite often so you will find that you just keep sipping your drink. This game works well if you’re drinking through a straw because it tends to get you drunk quicker.



It’s a good idea for the flat to chip in and purchase a Jenga set. You can make this children’s game into a student’s game by adding rules onto each block. Play as normal but whatever block has been pulled out, you are to carry out the task or rule that it says. If you cause the Jenga tower to topple, down your drink.


6: THE ACCENT ONE – G’day Bruce 

The explanation of this might sound confusing. All players sit in a circle and the first person will turn to the person on their left (second player) and say “G’day, Bruce”. The second player responds with “G’day Bruce” to the first player. The first player will then suggest to the second player to say “Say G’day to Bruce, Bruce”. The second player will then turn to the third player and the whole process starts again. The aim of the game is not to make a mistake. If this is the case, then the player’s names will change in the order as follows: Bruce, Sheila, Wombat, Kangaroo and Crocodile. The whole point is to keep your name as ‘Bruce’ and if you fail as a crocodile, then you are eliminated from the game.



Sit around a table or in a circle. Someone will start by whispering a question to the person on their left. For example, “who is most likely to pull tonight?”. You will then say the name of the person who you think will pull on the night out loud. If the paranoid person wants to know what the question is, you can tell them but they have to drink. If the person doesn’t want to know, then the game continues. The aim of the game is to make the person called out paranoid enough to find out the question. Just to inform you, this game has caused a few arguments with my friends because quite personal and ‘close to the mark’ questions have been asked in the past that don’t go down well with certain people.


8: THE LETHAL ONE – Electricity 

You will need a deck of cards for this game. Deal out the whole deck of cards to the players evenly. The player to the right of the dealer starts by flipping over a card. The player next to them flips over a card and if it matches the first player’s card within either suit or number then the two players drink for the number of seconds shown on the card. NOTE – Jack (11), Queen (12), Jack (13). The dealer will count the seconds to ensure that the players are drinking for the time that they are meant to. The next player will turn over a card and if it matches, then the three players will drink. Basically, every time there is a connection or “current”, then the people connected drink.



Place a glass in the middle of the table. Everyone playing has to pour some of their drink in the glass, the amount depending on how confident they are. Fan a whole deck of cards (preferably an old deck because the cards might get wet) on top of the glass. A player starts by trying to blow a card off the glass. The aim of the game is to get as few cards as you can by the end of the game. Once you’ve attempted to blow a card off the glass, you pass it to the next player. Once the whole deck has been distributed, everyone counts the cards and the person with the most drinks the dirty pint.


10. THE TEAMWORK ONE – Music Quiz

This is exactly what the name says. You will need a speaker for this. Split the room into teams of about 3 or more people per team. Play various songs, old and new starting at 1 second and progressing by 1 second more each time. The first team to name the song wins, the other teams have to drink for the number of seconds played.

I know most of these games would have been played but they are the ones that my friends and I play whenever we pre-drink and we always end up having a good time and getting drunk.