So I’ve officially completed my second week at the University of South Wales and it’s been rather busy. I’ve been a student in first year and second year this week. How many students can say that?

At the start of the week, I was enrolled as a first-year student. I was happy studying a course I enjoy, even if I had to resit the year. But as fun as it was to meet new friends and tutors, I felt a little restricted to what I could achieve in the year. I realised that most of the first year consisted of more or less the same modules as last year in Reading. I knew instantly that I was going to be a little bored throughout the year because I was not going to have the ability to push myself and learn new skills.

I decided to talk to the head of the Business School at the university about the situation. I asked her to consider two proposals. One – to allow me to progress into second year because I passed first year with a 2:1 and failed one module by 1%. Two – she would allow me to transfer some results from first-year over which would mean that I would have to only complete a few of the modules, taking some of the stress off me. The tutor assured me that she would try her best to ensure that something would be done about my progression because she understood that I would have wasted a year repeating the same content as last year.

I checked my emails Tuesday night to realise that my tutor had emailed me, asking me to go to university the next day to discuss options, which was promising. I was feeling a little optimistic but I felt that I needed to be. I mean, I have had so much bad news recently that I thought I must have some good news soon.

I went in the next day to find that I had two options. One – my goal to progress into second year to complete seven modules instead of six and two – to remain on the course in year one. I knew instantly that I wanted to progress, not because I was scared of what people would think of me retaking the year but because, as cringe-worthy, as it sounds, university is meant to be the place where you find and push yourself and I believed that progressing into second year would allow me to do this. I firmly believe that you should not be ashamed or embarrassed to fail anything because if everyone passed everything then we would all be perfect, which is not the case.

Obviously, this year isn’t going to be easy but I have the right frame of mind to do it and honestly, I have never been this happy. I feel like things happen for a reason and my situation did. It’s not going to be easy living at home for a year with my independence slightly restricted but I’m doing a course that I love, I have met new friends, I’m close to my family, it’s a lot cheaper for me and I’ll hopefully be graduating a year early, as the course is three years. I’m living a completely different university experience compared to last year but I feel like this whole experience has made me more mature and to also appreciate every opportunity that arises.

I’m basically saying if you want something throughout your university experience – for example, advice, academic or finance support/help or even down to a friend then don’t be afraid to ask anyone who may be able to help you on the way. The staff at the university are there to help you through anything and everything. You won’t get anywhere unless you try.