Useful Apps

Most of us students have shifted from using paper and pens, to using technology in its many forms. There are many apps out there that can help you organise, revise and offer general tips for all aspects of University life.

Blrt, in case some of you didn’t know, is an app that serves as a platform for sharing bits and bobs and talking to new people. There is a really useful blog post, posted on this app that tells you some of the best study apps for students, some of which you probably would have heard of and some you probably haven’t. The link is posted below:

After reading this article, I recently downloaded Grammarly (as suggested) to my desktop and honestly, I cannot believe how good it is. You can either sign up for a full account or use the free account. The app works by basically checking over your writing, grammar, spelling and sentence structures for errors and it gives you alternatives and replacements of these errors.

A website not mentioned in the article is Neils Toolbox. I know this is a website but I honestly cannot write an essay without this website, so it has to be mentioned. It easily creates references from you inserting your information into some boxes that will transform it into your finalised reference. I find this much easier to use than RefMe because the layout on the website is easier to navigate through. But I guess it’s all down to personal preference because I know quite a few students who do like using RefMe. Also check with your university what reference guide they want you to use as NeilsToolbox is specifically for Harvard Referencing.

Specifically for students looking for information on companies and markets, Mintel and Keynote are both websites that offer statistics that can help you with writing reports on companies etc.

UnItrade is another good app. It is a newly launched app created by Business Student Emmanuel, that serves as a marketplace for buying, selling and swapping unwanted items on the campus that you are studying on, for free! This is a really good way to make some money or even have a clear out of unwanted items.

How could I forget the trusty Spotify? It’s even better when us students get discount with NUS. It’s a great app that allows all of our music to be stored in one place.

I asked my followers on Campus Society what some of their favourite student apps are – they are listed below:

  1. SoundNote
  2. Dropbox
  3. My Study Life
  4. Scribd
  5. Indeed JobSearch
  7. Campus Society
  8. iTunes U
  9. Business Dictionary

These are only a few suggestions from students and from my own knowledge and experience. If you know of, enjoy or love a particular app then please comment them below or email me as I’d love to know what apps all of you are using.

Photo by from Pexels

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