A quick catch up!

It has been a while! My life has moved on so much since my last post and everything has happened so quickly. However, I thought a quick update on what I have been up to would put it all into perspective.

  • I graduated with a first class degree in Business Management. I would consider this to be the best part of my life because I had gone through so much, after failing first year and moving to a different university. This was the best possible outcome for me, whilst being fully supported by family and friends.
  • I went on holiday to Skiathos with my boyfriend Chris, which was amazing. I would highly recommend any ABBA/Mamma Mia fan to take a trip there. Not only is it beautiful but the food is great and there are so many exciting things to see and do.
  • I moved to Bristol with Chris, which at first was daunting and scary. However, I now would not change it for the world. Bristol is such a vibrant city with so many things to offer. Living with Chris isn’t too bad either haha.
  • I started a masters course at the University of West England. Even though I had a rocky start to my university life, I knew I wanted to push myself to gain a masters.
  • I started a job in Mulberry. This job was purely to keep me occupied when I wasn’t in uni. See my post on ‘How to fill your time’ for more information about this.
  • Celebrated my 22nd birthday, which was a standard, yet enjoyable birthday.
  • I visited Reykjavik in Iceland for Chris’ 30th Birthday. This was an unforgetable experience. A truley magical experience! I will aim to write a post about Reykjavik because I have so many tips for anyone deciding to book a trip there.
  • I graduated with a distinction in my MSc Marketing course. I had such a great time furthering my education, whilst meeting new friends.
  • Celebrated my 23rd birthday, which again was a standard birthday.

Hopefully, you can see why I haven’t had the chance to blog much but I am so excited to get back into the swing of things. I am going to write a post on each update so I can really go into detail about both my undergraduate and postgraduate experiences. These posts will be uploaded weekly.

Hopefully, these blog posts will help you determine whether a degree is for you, along with some other bits and bobs.

Obviously, as I am no longer a student (do you think I can get away with my student discount for a few more weeks?) this blog is going to remain as ‘Thing They Never Told Us’ but with advice from other areas of growing up and life. For instance, securing a job, moving to a new city, buying a house, relationships, travelling, cooking and regrets etc.

If you have any comments, suggestions for posts or would like to get in touch then please feel free to via the email address or Instagram below:

Email: thingstheynevertoldus.org@gmail.com

Instagram: thingstheynevertolduss

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