I’d usually consider myself quite a happy, cheery, and positive person but recently I’ve hit a wall (not literally). I feel like it’s so important to remain positive during this difficult time but it’s ok to feel like you’re plodding along. After all, we have been in this situation for quite some time now, so it’s ok if you’ve found yourself being sick to death of home workouts or the same tv series. 

I’ve devised a list of top tips to remain positive and to reassure you that you’re doing great! 

1. Follow a routine. Your normal week would usually consist of a routine (wake up, have a shower, eat breakfast, etc), so why should now be any different. Admittedly I am waking up later than I would, but it’s pretty much the same every day, which gives me some sort of structure. 

2. Too much news is bad news. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to keep up to date with the news but recently it’s all been quite negative and sad, so why would you want to watch it more than once a day? I found that when the lockdown was enforced, I watched the news constantly to keep up to date. But when the daily news consists of the number of deaths, it’s hard not to get down about it all. 

3. Reflect on your achievements. As cringe as it sounds, now is the perfect time to reflect on everything you have accomplished so far. It’s easy to compare what your life was like before to what it is now but you’ve put in so much hard work to get where you are, so be proud of yourself. I keep reminding myself that lockdown is only a temporary measure, and although it is the new norm, things can only get better from here. 

4. Keep busy. For me, keeping busy is the only way to take your mind off the situation. If your mind is focused on work, cleaning, or a hobby then you’re exercising a different part of your brain.  

5. Go for a walk to clear your head. I haven’t been sleeping right the past couple of nights, with restless sleep and vivid dreams. I’ve heard that quite a few of you are experiencing the same. A walk or run is perfect to get you – a) out of your house/flat – and b) to clear your head. Surrounding yourself with nature can automatically make you feel relaxed and happy. 

6. Plan the future. In my last post (35 ways to keep busy during lockdown) I stated that writing a bucket list is a great way to think about future plans, even if you can’t put a timeframe on them. Planning your next career move or personal goals can help you to strive for the best after lockdown, so you can just act on it rather than planning. 

7. Chill. Although keeping busy is important, 7 weeks off from work is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So yes, think of it as an opportunity to chill out, spend time with your family (in the same household, of course) and return to hobbies that you may not have picked up in years. 

I hope these tips help you to realise that this is only temporary but just remain positive and happy!