Life after uni

So it’s been a while! I also haven’t written in so long that I feel like I’ve almost forgotten how to write. But here I am, so don’t judge my poor grammar as I’m sure the lack of practice hasn’t improved it.

After you’ve graduated you may find that you’re in limbo land unless you have a plan in place. Don’t get me wrong, a plan is always a great idea but not everyone knows what they want to do after uni and to be honest, that’s totally ok. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I guess there’s a level of expectation when you leave that you need to land a graduate scheme or entry level job straight after but it’s so much easier said than done. You may not have any work experience or know what career you wish to pursue. But it’s fine to take a breather, a break, to determine your next steps.

Time some time off

You’ve most likely spent the last 3 or 4 years studying away from family and friends. Take the time to reconnect and see people you haven’t seen in a long time. Do something for yourself, start a new fitness plan, start a little side business or a new hobby. I bet you found it difficult to try any of these things because you were either out with friends or completing uni work. Now is the time.

Change of direction

Although you may have completed a degree in a subject that you originally loved, you might loath it after studying it for 4 years. It’s ok to have a change in direction, a change in passion. After all it’s inevitable that you’ve changed as a person since you started uni, so it’s likely that your interests have too. My one bit of advice is to do something that you love as you’ll be doing it for a while, so take the time to ensure that you know exactly what you want to do.

Post uni ‘gap yar’

Everyone talks about a gap year before uni but it’s rarer to hear of anyone taking a gap year after uni. Whenever you take it, you know you’ll have a good time. Travel to a new country, whether that be alone or with friends. After all, you may find it difficult to take an extended amount of time off.

Further personal development

I’m not talking about uni here, although that’s always an option after your undergraduate degree. I’m talking more about courses that will look great on your cv that will be useful for your personal development and growth, such as First Aid or key skills. Although you may question whether they are useful courses and that they relate to your chosen path, they show a wiliness to learn post uni and are usually inexpensive.

Work on your mental health

This is such a big topic but one that needs to be considered, specifically after university because you can feel so out of sorts.


  • You may go back to your hometown and not see your uni friends, who you’ve spent the last 4 years together for a while. You may find that you become distant.


  • You may have moved back in with your parents, which trust me, I’ve been there and understand how difficult this is. You’re so used to living on our own terms and moving back means that you’ve got to live by your parents’ terms.


  • You may not have a focus or anything you’re working towards. This is a big one for me. If I don’t have a goal, I feel lost and like I don’t have a purpose.


  • You may look different to what you looked like at the start of uni, and this might make you feel down.


  • You may have to get a job for the money but not really enjoy or want to pursue the job as a career.


  • You may come out of uni with student debt that puts pressure on you paying it back. This is not the case in most places.

Although this post might seem like I’m making it out that you’ll come out of uni and be clueless, these points are things that most students feel after uni, of which I’m going to call the ‘post-uni downs’.

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