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It's been a while! I have been so busy recently, writing my dissertation and revising for exams that I had to take a break from blogging. I can assure you that I am back doing what I love, with lots of advice and ideas for you all. I have now finished my degree at the University of South Wales and what an experience it has been. I never thought I would get to this point and it is a scary feeling to think that I am now a proper adult, if you get me. This post will discuss options to consider after you finish your degree. To tell you the truth, I am still uncertain. I am at the stage of deciding where to complete a masters course, and it is a harder task than I originally thought. There are so many factors to consider, such as the modules within the course, the opportunities the course offers, the funding and more. Although this is my next step, there are many steps that an individual can consider, some not mentioned in this post.

Just some ideas...

1. Go Travelling

It is completely understandable if you have been studying for 3/4 years and get to the point where you want a break and want to experience something exciting. Travelling is the perfect way to learn about different cultures and although this sounds cheesy, can be a great way to really find yourself.

2. Intern at a company

If you are not yet ready to work full time, then an internship is the perfect way to gain experience without the full commitment of work. Internships can be paid or unpaid, it just depends on the company. See my post on  The importance of internships, placements and insight experiencesfor more information.

3. Get a full time/part-time permanent job.

It is typical that students look for work after completing their degree because they might want to pay off their student debt or just want a routine. There are different types of jobs where the hours you work can be flexible.

4. There is also the consideration of applying for graduate jobs.

These type of jobs are specifically orientated to the newly graduated student, where you will learn practical skills needed to succeed in your chosen sector. Graduate jobs are usually paid like an entry-level position and most include additional benefits or incentives. In addition, some graduate jobs allow you to work in different areas of a company to understand the role of different departments. This is useful if you are a little uncertain about what career path you wish to go into.

5. Self-employment

This to me is a scary concept but is a great way to work on your own terms doing exactly what you love. If you have a good business idea with prospects, then self-employment can really work for you and there are many businesses out there that help with business start-ups, particularly in regards to funding.

6. Continue with education.

There is always the option of completing a Masters or PhD. There are lots of funding options available.  
My main piece of advice would be not to rush into anything you don’t necessarily want to do. If you do rush into an option, then you will probably find that you won’t enjoy it because you haven’t thought things through. Just because you are a graduate, you don’t need to follow the crowd. Do what makes you happy.
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