Things I wish I knew before second year

I put this post together for people who are questioning whether university is for them or whether you are questioning have made the right choice by going to university. I firmly believe that whether you enjoy your course or not, you do learn some valuable lessons and skills. These are listed below:

  • Connections. Meet as many people as you can because knowing someone that might benefit and help achieve your future career prospects will be useful.


  • Your mum is your best friend. I don’t think you’ll appreciate how much your mum does for you until you move away to university. But, you can and will manage on your own.


  • Cooking will be considered a chore for many of you. Especially the cleaning up afterwards. I’m sure you’ll be of the opinion that you can’t be bothered to clean all the dishes that you use to make that one masterpiece – so you’ll settle for a takeaway.
    Or… you’ll learn that one cracker of a dish that you cook all the time.


  • Money doesn’t grow on trees. At some point, you will need to get a job to pay your dues.


  • Your body can somehow function on not much sleep. Even if your sleeping pattern is messed up or you have had two hours sleep, you somehow manage to pull through.


  • Napping is part of your daily routine. You’ll find that you will introduce a nap system to your daily routine that you never previously had before.


  • You’re really a big child at heart. You think…yeah I’m going to go to university and become mature but in actual fact – you’re just as –  or if not more immature than you were before you went.


  • It is ok to make the wrong decision from time to time. Where else do you propose that you’ll make mistakes and not learn from them?


  • You are different and you should accept that. Why would you want to be anyone else?


  • University is completely new. Things that happened in secondary school and sixth form are not really taken into account when you go to university.


  • You’re secretly more creative than you think. You’ll learn to create a fancy dress outfit from nothing.


  • Laundry is a pain, especially when you have to wash whites. You’ll learn to re-wear clothes that you might think are dirty but you could easily squeeze another two days out of them.


  • Changing a bed if effort but you’ll learn to live with it. You will get lost in the sheet at some point.


  • Emptying the bin is also a lot of effort but it’s got to be done. Unless you live with someone else. Then you can leave them to do it.


  • You have an opinion that matters. Don’t let anyone influence your opinions.


  • Time is money.


  • Time is of the essence.


  • You’ll learn how to look after yourself if you’re ill. You don’t need your mum to look after you, even if you think you do.


  • University is the perfect time to reinvent yourself but is also equally the perfect time to show off how fabulous you are!


  • You’ll learn some pointless knowledge that I can guarantee you’ll never use again.


  • Organisation is key. If you’re not an organised person, then I suggest you become one.


  • Life sometimes doesn’t go your way but you must pick yourself up and keep fighting for what you believe in (cringe, I know!).


  • University will be the best time of your life.
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