How to work from a family home

In the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many employees were asked by employers to work remotely. This is due to a reduction in the risk of infection in public transport and crowded places, such as office spaces. There is a separate category of workers called ‘Freelancers’. These workers are already accustomed to working at home, without any problems as they are engaged in their business at home. But for those who are accustomed to interacting with colleagues at an office, may find it extremely difficult to get used to the children running around and the lack of necessary tools. In this article, readers will be exposed to some of the most effective recommendations. Do not despair, because the modern world with its mobile communications and access to the global network provides unlimited opportunities to aid in working from a family home.

Five Critical Steps

1. Ergonomics of the workplace

You need to be a little selfish. Use the best table and chair in the house for the perfect environment. Eliminate sources of unnecessary light and use an adjustable lamp with even illumination at dusk. Elbows should not hang from the countertop this is because your shoulders and shoulder girdle will become very sore. As you work at home, gradually adjust the parameters, do not tolerate inconveniences.

An ideal option would be to work in a separate room, but not everyone has this luxury, especially if you are a single parent. Even if it comes to pulling the curtains and setting the screens, the presence of someone nearby should not distract.

2. Collecting working tools

Everything you need should be at hand: drawing accessories, related documentation, books and disks with computer programs, just to name a few. Any departure from your new workplace can distract you. You can minimize distraction by solving tasks in stages. The less you leave your chair, the better. Pencils must be sharpened, the phone – charged, and a glass of water should be near.

3. Establish productivity

Here it is necessary to break down the task into its component parts, and then solve each of them sequentially. You won’t be able to figure it out without self-control.

You should be thinking:

I have almost finished this stage, I should push a little more and then I can have a break.”

So you may not notice how eight hours fly by in half the time if you take short breaks. You must constantly be the driving force. If you are tired, no one stops you from going to bed during the day to restore strength.

4. Correct the psychological aspects

Do not call your work boring, unpleasant or uninteresting. Promise yourself a reward at the end of the day. For example, watching a film, having a takeaway or going for a walk.

5. Introduce an effective schedule

Breaking the old regime is not worth it. If you are used to getting up at 7 in the morning in order to get to your usual place of work, then do not lose this ability. It’s easy to spoil yourself and then start waking up closer to dinner. It will be extremely difficult to return to the usual system. It is necessary to precisely regulate your lunch break, as well as to think about when to take a break. You can water the flowers or do a little workout but don’t be distracted by films or social media as you will become distracted.

The Main Stumbling Blocks

You can explain everything to a child, but the cat lying on the keyboard cannot be reasoned with. One of the best ways is to completely immerse yourself in music with headphones. In 3-5 days, everyone will get used to this situation.

Here you will need to establish strict prohibitions for yourself, for example setting a smartphone timer can be useful. Your lunch break can be co-ordinated with the whole family. Drinking coffee is easily transferred to the desktop.

It is caused by laziness, an uncomfortable chair and monotonous work against the background of sounds at home. Headphones and music will also help here.

To eliminate this, you need to compare the process in the office and at home, and then draw the appropriate conclusions. Lack of computer programs, uncomfortable chair? Is it possible that this is just a desire to watch your favourite videos? What can be done in 8 hours can easily be stretched to 12-14.

Incomparable Benefit

When everything is set up, and your management no longer doubts the effectiveness of remote work, you can switch to a similar mode in cases of emergency. Outside of a pandemic, you may suffer from seasonal illness. This current experience will allow you to switch to remote work in any circumstances in the future.

This was a guest post by Joe from Jobsora, a global job search company. If you are looking for work, visit Jobsora today!

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