Managing and relieving educational stress

Unfortunately, I don’t have Reading Week but I’m sure many of you do. Reading week is the perfect chance to catch up on work and reading that might have caught up on you during the weeks before. Second year is proving to be more challenging, in terms of the workload but not the actual content….

How to fill your time

I know the score, you’re in university and you’re there to “study”. But we all know that particularly in first year, you don’t tend to study as much as you should. Whilst you’re in university, it can be a good idea to do something productive to fill your time other than studying. I wish I…

Drinking games

This would have been so useful during Freshers week because playing the same games can get boring after a while. I will list various drinking games with the basic rules, that will hopefully make your pre’s more exciting. Just remember not to get too drunk during pre’s, as you will not last the whole night….

Living in halls: Top tips

I remember results day like it was yesterday. I set an alarm the night before, for 6 o’clock, in the hope that UCAS would have published my results by then. Like many students I’m sure, I struggled to get to sleep and when I did, I kept waking up with anticipation. My alarm went off…

Why blog?

So blog post number two. Is it possible to experience writer’s block when writing your second blog post? Apparently so and I now know why so many writers experience this condition. I’ve based my blog on broad topics that cover many areas – so as you can imagine I had no idea where to begin….