Hello 2017!

Hello, my fellow readers, bloggers and students and a big hello to 2017. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. It has been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sure you can all relate to the number of deadlines I’ve had to meet during the busy month of December. It’s been rather hectic, especially…

Things you only learn at university

Connections. Meet as many people as you can because knowing someone that might benefit and help achieve your future career prospects will be useful. Your mum is your best friend. I don’t think you’ll appreciate how much your mum does for you until you move away to university. But, you can and will manage on…

What if you don’t make friends?

This post is for anyone who has settled into university life but is still struggling with finding and meeting new friends. University is a daunting time for anyone – especially when it comes to meeting new people but you must remember that there are people out there most likely in the same position as you….

Managing and relieving educational stress

Unfortunately, I don’t have Reading Week but I’m sure many of you do. Reading week is the perfect chance to catch up on work and reading that might have caught up on you during the weeks before. Second year is proving to be more challenging, in terms of the workload but not the actual content….

Freshers’ is over – what next?

Now that Freshers’ is over and you are settled into university life, you are likely to have some sort of work to complete. University isn’t like school or college where you would have classes and have some homework to do. You are expected as a student to go to lectures and seminars and then complete a…