What if you don’t make friends?

This post is for anyone who has settled into university life but is still struggling with finding and meeting new friends. University is a daunting time for anyone – especially when it comes to meeting new people but you must remember that there are people out there most likely in the same position as you….

Drinking games

This would have been so useful during Freshers week because playing the same games can get boring after a while. I will list various drinking games with the basic rules, that will hopefully make your pre’s more exciting. Just remember not to get too drunk during pre’s, as you will not last the whole night….

Your first day/week in university

So this is really relatable to me now, as it is the second time that I am a fresher. Your first day in university is always daunting. It’s completely different to school because in school, you are assigned to a select group of people in what you would call a form and you will go…

Freshers’ Week: Do’s and Don’ts

Freshers’ week/freshers’ fortnight will be the best time of your life (well it was mine anyway). So much alcohol consumed, so many new friends, so many different outfits and so much money spent. I have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts of freshers’ week that I was never told. 1. Do not even…